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Friday, June 9, 2017

FFG Moving Sale on Lakeview Dr, SUNDAY-TUESDAY, June 11-13

FFG Moving Sale
300 Block Lakeview Drive

SUNDAY, June 11:  12 NOON – 4 PM
MONDAY, June 12:  8 AM – 2 PM
TUESDAY, June 13:  8 AM – 12 NOON

DIRECTIONS:  Peavine to RIGHT on Lakeview Drive

     * Do not block traffic or driveways.  Park in the direction of travel.  Please make sure that there is enough room on the roadway for police and ambulances to go through.  TO AVOID DAMAGING LANDSCAPING AND IRRIGATION SYSTEMS, PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON GRASS.

     * Chips will be handed out on Sunday beginning at 10:30 AM for timed entry into the house beginning at 12 Noon.
     * Chips are handed out on Sunday only.
     * Chips are given out in increments of 25 spelling out MAYS*:
        25 "M" chips, 25 "A" chips, 25 "Y" chips, 25 "S" chips, 25 "*" chips.
     * Customers may receive up to 4 chips per party if needed.  Having one customer per party handling this transaction will reduce crowds, confusion, and exposure to the elements for some.
     * Once you have received your chips, you are free to leave until opening.
     * The number of people entering at a time is dependent on the size and layout of the home.

Our Clients have moved!
They hired a realtor, put a "for sale" sign in the ground 
and left MAYS a house full of things to sell.  
We even have a vehicle for sale!  
Make sure you look through each of the 3 bedrooms, 
the sun room, deck, garage and shed.  
You don't want to miss the Radio Flyer or Antique Potty Chair.

FEATURING: 2003 Pontiac Montana 116,000 Miles

Furniture including:  Dining Table, China Cabinet, Sofa, Bookcase, Side Tables, Dresser, Accent Chairs, Matt/Box, Wicker Sofa, Gliders.
Household including:  Kitchen, Candlewick, Clothes, Jewelry, Linens, Lamps, Art, Décor, Refrigerator/Freezer, Bar Fridge
Garage/Garden including:  Garden, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Ladders, Grill, Patio Furniture, Yard Art, Lawnmower, Bike, Cabinets.

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